Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Grumpy Girl, Sleepy Boy and Baby Brain

I think I have been successful at getting my grumpy little girl to sleep this afternoon. After a lot of crying and yelling she is now quiet. I did peak in on one of the mom yellings to make sure the diaper was on (if you didn't already know my dd loves to take off her diaper when she shouldn't).

But alas I forgot all about grocery day for the school. Linda was so kind to call me and see if I forgot and will be taking my groceries to her house. So to just pick them up tonight. Of course I must blame that on the baby brain - having children just sucks your memory dry.

Jared has been sleeping soundly for a few hours now - so I have some peace and quiet, which I should go take full advantage of now.

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Laura VMS said...

Yay for your for some peace and quiet. I know that when I have lots of kids here I definitely look forward to nap time. It gives me some down time where I can put my feet up and relax!