Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blogging for Mel - LOL

Well Jared must be going through a growth spurt. He usually is down around 8 or 9pm until 5am....last night he was up 11:30pm, 1am, 5am! And Cailyn ended up waking up around 6am, but was willing to crawl in bed with me and go back to sleep (thankfully). I guess Jared is close to 4 months so if this "excessive" hunger keeps up he can start eating cereal. I started Cailyn early.....of course I guess whether to start cereal is all in who you ask...some "studies" say 6 months, but I've also read if you start later they are more likely to have a wheat/grain allergy than if you start early.

My brother is coming over to visit this afternoon. He's going to be in London seeing his specialist for the followup on his MRI.

For the bedtime and nap routines. The first night with the baby gate, lots of screaming, crying and diaper taking off (she knows we usually will put a new one on)....Gerald most often gives in to her and takes her out of her room. I put a new diaper on in her room - so not really giving in. Yesterday's nap - screaming, crying, diapers...last night a little bit of crying, but settled faster than usual (also didn't nap long, so probably really tired). Of course she has also learned to ask for drinks etc. And it's amazing how often a child can pee a little in a diaper and then another diaper within 10 min. Yep probably should start potty training more too - but I think I will just stick to the battle of the bed for now.

Well I should finish folding my laundry that Cailyn nicely decided to unfold and "hide" in. She had fun, so it's ok.