Thursday, November 23, 2006

Weigh In

I always wanted a digital scale (and even though we registered fora digital for our wedding we ened up getting a regular scale) so I bought a digital last night. Splurged and got the Weight Watchers scale because it measures to 0.2 lbs. I wanted it since Jared seems to grow like crazy and it would be nice to know his weight and not have to go the baby weigh clinic.

Well I stepped on the scale - weighed myself (which we won't be sharing that weight here) and then held him and weighed. The difference! My "little" boy is already 14 lbs 6.4oz! (He was 6lbs 13 oz birth weight).

I think my little boy has become a big boy.

And to show how off our other scale was - Cailyn was about 33-34 lbs on our old scale - she's 29.4lbs on our new one.

I like our new scale much better.

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