Sunday, November 26, 2006

No more pictures

As some of you know - Cailyn broke our camera. This is the "best" focused picture Gerald took after she dropped it. Hopefully it won't cost a lot to get fixed....otherwise I don't know when I will get a new one :( I need a camera......


Mom2Jordan said...

Oh No! I would be really upset if I didn't have my camera! Hopefully you will be able to get it fixed soon! That sucks! Note to self: Don't let Jordan play with the digital camera!

Anonymous said...

Yikes - and you guys have an expensive camera too! Hope it doesn't cost much to fix it.
Cute pictures on your blog - I hadn't checked it for a few days.
I've hidden all the markers in my house - the kids make too much of a mess with them.
Looks like Gerald had fun taking Cailyn out in the mud - good thing he was awake for that - haha!